15 July 2008

Beans, Beans, Beans

SOH proudly displayed the beans which he picked last night, enough for the both of us to have a small portion with dinner yesterday evening.

These are the first beans to be ready, and tasted so much nicer than the ones you get in the supermarkets or from market stalls as they were only about 1 hour from the plant to the table.

We had them with savoury mince and new potatoes, we both wiped our plates clean afterwards - a sign of a satisfied customer.

So we are just waiting eagerly for another batch to be ready, and then the gluttony will start in earnest. Will any of them make it to the freezer? probably not this year, but it will depend on how many become ready all at once.


Caroline said...

Yummy. I don't have a garden to plant anything, I have managed to keep some lavendar growing for a couple of months now out on the balcony. It would be great to be able to grow some veggies.

Janet said...

I may try beans next year. We don't get a lot of sun, so we're experimenting with peppers and a watermelon (although the dogs sat on that one, so it may not work regardless of sun). If those do well, we'll do more next year.