21 July 2008

Home from Home

Buying the trailer meant only one thing, we could get a bigger tent than could be strapped to a seat on the bike and therefore I present the new WiseHerb home from home :

Total weight: 11.25kg
Pack size: 64 x 30 x 22cm
Pitching area: 590 x 390cm
Pitching time: 15 min

It apparently comes with a dvd to show how to pitch it.. did the manufacturers not know that it is normal to be at the campsite in pouring rain trying to do it the first time :-)

It sleeps 5 people comfortably but when you are camping with motorbikes you tend to have quite a lot of outer wear that needs to be in your tent so that is why the two of us are having a big tent to ourselves, that and being able to stand up to get dressed is useful.

My old tent is a 3 person vango gamma and that was just for me. It was a squeeze to keep all my gear inside the tent and climb in and out of the sleeping bag in the middle of the night when the most you could manage was a crouch.

All being well we should have the tent this week and I guess we will try putting it up in the garden this week for a trial run.

oh... just to mention SOH fancied the Grape variety colour of this tent as illustrated up top...sure to be a stand out on the camping ground, but we won't know what we have until delivery so keep your fingers crossed for us. Me I'd like the Sage/Laurel combination but it's a girl thing.

Update : it arrived this morning... it's the Grape one.. SOH will be pleased and we will put it up tonight (if it doesn't rain) and take a photo

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Nicey said...

Now thats what I am talking about lurve the DVD on how to pitch the thing ....