15 July 2008

A Tribute

When I started blogging a few months ago it was a playground for me, turning 50 this year was a milestone I wanted to celebrate not hide away from.. I didn't really expect to have people come to read my random jottings.

Olive Riley didn't start blogging until she was 106, sadly she died aged 108 on Saturday 12th July in Australia; peacefully in her sleep. She was able assisted in her computing by close friends who will miss her wit and memories. God rest Olive you are a credit to the Victorian generation.

Will my blog still be going in 58 years time? I have no idea, can't even begin to think that far ahead and technology may well have changed by then anyway.


Annette said...

In actual fact it would be funny to look back at our bloggings in a few years time, don't you think?
It would be like looking at old photos.
You would think to yourself:
"did I really right that? What was I thinking about?"
I won't delete my blog site, I would keep it and look back over time.

Asclepius said...

I agree with annette. As fun as it is when people come and read your blog I think most of us post blogs for ourselves. A moment is all it takes to change a person, a decade from now is billions of moments away, who will we be when we look back on these blogs?

Janet said...

I'm sad to hear about Olive. I enjoyed reading her blog from time to time.
There's a site which will print your blog into a book.

I'm going to do it when I get to the first anniversary.