08 July 2008


When I got home yesterday evening I watered the plants in the polytunnel (the one's outside were not going to need any more after the downpours of yesterday) before SOH got home.

The beans are running riot with more than a few beans starting to form and growing in length - just need them to fill out a bit more befire they will be ready to eat.

I decided to thin out a few carrots, we have two varieties Autumn King and an Early Nantes variety; the latter looked distinctly weedy in terms of bushyness of top etc compared to the Autumn King plants.

I pulled out a couple of the Autumn Kings and you can see how stubby they are, not a flaw they are a longer term carrot and take time to reach their potential.

They needed to be thinned out anyway so I pulled out some to reduce the row and allow the others to grow thicker and reduce the risk of carrot fly though touch wood, haven't yet had any sign of that so perhaps growing onions in between the rows does work.

The early Nantes variety was next and I was surprised when I pulled them up as the greenery at the top didn't give an indication of how well the carrots had grown; this was half a row and within the next two hours they had been scrubbed clean, cooked and were eaten along with some new potatoes and steak patties.

It is very satisfying to eat your own produce, I can see why Dad used to like gardening as much as he did; I just wished I had paid more attention to him back then.


Annette said...

Yes, I published a picture of our one strawberry,now with the rain we have hundreds.
Well, slighty less than that, but you know what I mean.
They do taste better when grown at home, don't they?

Janet said...

We have almost no sun, but we've successfully raised basil for several years, and last year had one tomato plant that did well. So this year we're branching out. We have 6 tomato plants (more basil of course), 2 pepper plants, and a watermelon. We shall see.