23 November 2010

Winter Sunsets

I love watching the sun set of an evening, it is fascinating to watch the sky turn red and grey then dull into evenings dark light.

Tre Agan is preparing for Winter and for the festival of Yuletide. Odd Parcels are hiding in the various cupboards, and a sense of bartering amongst friends is occurring. One of my students has honey and I have promised to give her some recipes in return for a jar so that she can give out a recipe with a jar.

I have finished, finally, after much indecision a waistcoat I was knitting. It had been remade I can't remember how many times as I couldn't make up my mind whether I was making it for me or for a friend. Now that my job involves me driving a lot it is just the job and I have already ordered some more wool to make a darker version.

I am also making some christmas stockings, one for me, one for SOH and one for Murphy. All the same pattern, made of black suede like fabric, black velour at the topping and with some Cornish tartan as the trim. Mine will have a red button, SOH has a purple button and Murphy's of course will have a green button to go with his Irish name. Pics to follow when complete.

Yuletide decorations are being brought out of storage, checked for safety; not just electricity but also Murphy factor as he is on his own we don't want him taking ornaments off the tree to chew.

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Kath said...

I should like to see the waistcoat you are knitting.