17 October 2008

King Harold

I finished the book Harold, see Hmm I am reading now post, on Tuesday.. and it wasn't really significant to me until I reach the final page and realised that Harold fought, and lost against William the Conqueror on 14th October 1066 at Senlac Hill (though more commonly known as the Battle of Hastings).

The book left me with lots of questions, about some of the characters such as Harold's wife Aldyth and his long time over 20 years, handfasted wife, Edith Swannheils and what happened to them after William's invasion and the death of Harold.

Reportedly, Edith asked William for her 'husbands' body, to bury but he refused and told his men to bury him where no man may find him; though a grave is supposed to be at Battle Abbey.

Aldyth, Harold's queen, was sent to York to her brother Morcar but little seems to be known of her other than she was reputed to have fled abroad with Harold's mother.

However, the blood line didn't die with Harold, his sister Gytha married into the Russian dynasty and also the French royal of Isabella of France who married Edward II lead back to him. So the Norman invasion was re-invaded.

Isn't history fascinating sometimes..

ps the book is definitely worth a read if you have time and I will certainly take a look at some of her other books

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Janet said...

Oh dear. I'll have to read that book. My family can be traced directly back to William. What a lovely legacy, that. Although, thinking of my great-grandfather, possibly not surprising.