08 October 2008

Hmmm I have been reading

A fascinating account of the period of history with William the Conqueror, Harold, Cnut and the roles they played up to and including the Norman invasion.

I picked up this book at a swap club run by the University on fridays, and it has gripped me as I have turned the pages.

Not overly soppy, nor dry history facts it has enlightened me as to this period of history which I best remembered for the Bayeux tapestry and the (incorrect) story of Harold the king being shot in the eye by an arrow.

The bad news is that it has taken me all my time to read this, and the book club meet next week to discuss 'A Suitable Boy' and I haven't picked it up since I read 20 pages after we had selected it back in July; the meeting is on the 13th October and I don't think I will have managed to get much further into it.

Yet another failure... still it can return to the shelves waiting for the right time for me to read it.


Janet said...

I love historical fiction. And it's not a failure just because you didn't read the assigned book. You're reading, that counts.

Bill Parker said...

When I saw "Cnut" I thought, just for a second, you meant that thievin' fat cnut who just happens to be the Social Secretary of the Midland BMW Owners Club.

The W.O.W. factor! said...

Hmmmm...reading sounds like a good idea! Cowboy left today for a week to gather cattle up north, I cleaned the fireplaces today..it's dropping into the 20 degree marks for the next few days....think I'll brew me up some tea, build a fire and curl up with a few books and read the time away!(after the chores are done of course...;( )

Sage said...

@ Janet

I love reading.. books are a real weakness I can lose myself in a book and forget real time worries.

@ Zeltus - He paid (or rather his wife did)

@ Barb - sounds great to be in front of a fire with a good book and a brew.. just need that vanilla apple cake to make it really special.

Anonymous said...

Great, you've done your good deed for the day. I need some reading suggestions as I've come to some sort of reader's block. I've been given an Amazon token and no idea how to spend it.