15 February 2011

Victor Meldrew "I can't believe it"

Just who in their right mind would send anyone an email saying thank you for your years of hard work but we no longer require your services?

Well apparently the British Government army can, and now have a very red face as the papers got hold of the story. Their inaptness and stupidity leave me speechless, the men concerned should be given their P45s immediately.

I know we have to make cut-backs, but to get rid of so much experience, and from front line troops is insane.. what is worse is that the RAF is about to do the same to some pilots, some still in the process of training... well why don't we just burn the money that we have spent in their training only to have no work for them when they finish... no doubt someone else will benefit from our idiocy.

Cut backs are necessary, but how about the MPs giving up some of their allowances, some of their perks to ensure that we have a fully functioning defence force and who are adequately equippped to do the task they are given from up on high..

Come on Mr Cameron, please see sense and make the cuts where it is sensible rather than cost cutting for other reasons.

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