09 February 2011

Gary Moore

This is one of my favourite pieces of music, played by the now late Gary Moore. I created a CD of my much loved music which included this along with fanfare for the common man by Emerson Lake and Palmer.

I didn't realise that Gary was part of Thin Lizzy, so much that I only found out who the other members had been after Gary's untimely death had been announced. I suppose it is a group identity thing compared to individuals being identified as part of a group.

I love the lyrics of Pariesienne Walkways, and the guitar playing is just pure magic.. somehow I am not sure modern muscians will be remembered in quite the same way in the future.

I remember paris in '49
The champs elyses
Saint michel and old beaujolais wine

And I recall
That you were mine
In those parisienne days

Looking back at the photographs
Those summer days
Spent outside corner cafes

Oh I could write you paragraphs
About my own parisienne days

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