13 February 2011

Sunday Catchup

This is my time to catch up with things, on what needs doing and what can wait for a little longer..

Paperwork that needs completing weekly:
  • Hours worked (additional)
  • Contact Notes for each student updated
  • Update 'To do' list
  • Travel claims calculated
  • College work/reading

Then on top of that any washing/ironing etc.. while at the same time pushing the hoover around to pick up any stray Murphy dog hairs.

I had a quick look around the garden today and think I have spotted some shoots on the clematis I planted last year.. keep your fingers crossed as these guys had a hard start with the dry weather last year.

I am growing some Sage plants (well what else do you expect?) I had a lovely Sage brush up at the Back of Beyond but obviously couldn't transplant it down here so we start afresh.

I am also looking for a couple of lavender plants, and have to identify which varieties to grow, as well as a rosemary bush which I know will need a sandy soil for better drainage and I am going to acquire some fuschia and buddhlea cuttings from bushes I frequently see on my walk and rest assured they are in public spaces rather than in gardens.

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