17 February 2011


I am looking for a companion dog, Murphy is a lovely dog, but I am conscious that as an 'only' dog he relies on meeting other dogs for company on his walks. Murphy has to be happy with the other dog, and I am not really interested in a puppy as cute as they are I would like a dog between 6 months and two years.

Needless to say, the looking is taking a while, not a bad thing as the boy is growing every day into a mature and very handsome black labrador.

Tonight saw us drive South-West to look at a golden retriever; he has a few issues but nothing we didn't think we could not deal with given time. However, on first meeting he wasn't happy at seeing Murphy and by the end of 10 minutes he wasn't happy with me either with a show of teeth and a growl.

If he was going to be an only dog he would be ok, but I would have been worried leaving the two dogs alone in the house as the Golden Retriever wanted to be Alpha dog and Murphy is a softie at heart.

His history was a sad one, abused by teenage boys as a pup until he snapped at them and then recently snapped at his owner who rightly now is concerned he might do it again. At only two years old, he can't be rehomed with those sort of issues and sadly it looks as though the only option is to put him to sleep which at least will mean that he won't be a risk to himself or to others.

It was hard to realise that we were not right for him, but in this instance head has to rule heart.

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Annette said...

what a shame.
There is a way of training him out of this but it tkes a long time and a lot of hard work from you.
Hope you ahve better luck next time.