28 February 2011

The Garden at Tre Agan - Update

The sun is out, it has some lovely warmth to it and life is looking promising in the garden at Tre Agan.

My seedlings are coming along great guns, with my marigolds practically bursting into 1 inch seedlings in 24 hours.. which will provide me with plenty of flowerheads for making some more handcream later on in the year.

My sage seedlings are also going great guns, with me having already thinned them out already. I hate having to decide which ones are going to be left growing and which ones to discard.. I feel like a killer.. which in reflection I was.

No signs yet of the sweet peas, peppers, pansies or viola's but it is warm and bright and I am ever the optimist.

I have planted the buddhlea today, I chose a davidii from the choices I had and the clematis are looking strong and healthy with lots of shoots on the plants so I am eagerly looking forward to when they have flowers on them.

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Kath said...

I would love to see some photos.