21 February 2011


Yesterday I dug out some trays, and planted some seeds, I have black pansies, some beautiful violas in purple and cream. Some Cupani Sweet peas which are black and some lovely golden marigolds.. all to go into the garden.

My sage seedlings are growing apace and soon will need transplanting into bigger pots to bring on; I have some pots which when put into the ground will allow the plant to grow through them so they will be transplanted into these when ready. I am not quite sure where they will be planted yet, whether it is out in the front garden or in the back but they will be lovely wherever they go.

I also set some seeds taken from some small, very sweet peppers which I dried out ready for spring and I am hoping to grow these at the back of the house as it is very sheltered and a real sun-trap.

I am still looking for some lavender and a variegate californian lilac called zanzibar and have tracked it down to Barncoose nurseries so hopefully that will happen soon.

I want to get a magnolia tree, I had to leave the one which was given to us after Mum died back in Cranfield but I love the early show of colour and would like to get them.

I am looking out for suitable cuttings from fuschia and buddhlea shrubs to plant out.. perhaps I am more of a gardener than I originally thought.

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Kath said...

Amazing how one gets the bug. My husband was not in the slightest bit interested, but when I started developing our first garden, he gradually learned all the plant names and here at Hillside, is quite looking forward to getting out there.
I look forward to seeing what you do with yours.