11 February 2011

I got that Friday Feeling

This morning was an early start, with Murphy and I heading out for our walk this morning at 6.30am. While it was still dark, it was noticeably lighter than of late, and by the time I left for Truro it was fully light which only a month ago it would have been dark and gloomy still.

My car has developed a fault, well actually a bulb has gone, so tomorrow morning will see me reading the Haynes manual trying to fathom out how to replace it as we need it for Monday when we are going out for a romantic day out.. involving the BMW dealer at Plymouth, followed by a visit to Trago mills and somewhere for lunch.. I don't have college that evening having struck a deal with my tutor for missing a session and it will be the first time I have missed an evening.

I finished at lunchtime today, and popped into Boots at Hayle on my way home.. I spent the last of my Christmas money on buying some Sanctuary Spa bath and body cream... mmm I am going to enjoy it later on this evening. Especially as the last three mornings walks have been in the rain and both Murphy and I have got sopping wet; in his case requiring a two towel drying process to get him dry.

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