27 February 2011

Sunday Kitchen Duties

Luckily the football was cancelled, so no trudging around a pitch waiting eagerly for the end of the game. Luckily I have my e-reader and also MP3 player, though mysteriously my Sansadisk MP3 player has gone walkabout along with my sennheiser earphones.. no doubt they will turn up in due course.

A quick visit to B&Q to get some paint, to do the bathrooms and kitchen then back to the house.. The motorbike has been cheeping madly due to the alarm system running low on battery and tomorrow has to go to Long Rock for a visit to see what the options are. While SOH got him ready for going out, I headed for the kitchen for a long overdue session at the stove.

First off, was to make some cheese scones, for me as SOH doesn't like them. Then while they were baking in the oven a quick wash up of the pans and get a few more out to make a sponge sandwich.. actually I use a madeira cake recipe but cook it in sandwich tins.. while this was cooling more washing up before making some flapjacks with the dried blackberries in them.

While the flapjacks were cooking, I made the buttercream for the sandwich cake and washed up before putting the chicken in for tea. We brought two chickens from Tesco and have been disapppointed in both of them, origianally I was going to do a pot roast for after the football match but as that had been cancelled I roasted it.. afterwards I regretted this decision and nect time would stick to my guns and slowly casserole it as it was  tough old bird.

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