04 June 2009

The Good News and the Bad News

I am having a holiday, that's the Good News. Sunshine, beaches, mines (Geevor and Poldark - who could forget that magical tv series - sigh), sand, walking, friends, alcohol, shooting rabbits, etc... all lined up for next week... so you can guess that the weather will take a downturn towards colder wetter times.. but it won't spoil my plans.

I am also going to donate blood when I am down in Cornwall, my regular session will be held up here while I am away so I had the bright idea of going to Falmouth instead so as not to miss out as I am close to getting my gold badge...

It is a milestone that I almost didn't reach as a few years back when I had an operation I bled profusely and was advised if my numbers (blood count) didn't improve by the morning they would have to transfuse me. This would have meant an immediate stop to any future donations I would have made, so I set myself an aim to get to 50. After that, I don't know but as long as I am fit and able I would like to continue.

I am also spending some time with the agencies down there, the ones I haven't seen already and some potential new ones as well. I am also trying to find out who supplies the NHS with agency staff, so if anyone has any information on that can you let me know.

I don't have any strong opinion of what I would like to do, as over the past 35 years of working (yikes has it really been that long?) I have done many things including :
  1. working on a pig farm,
  2. building electronic transformers (not the toys),
  3. plucked turkeys/pheasants, skinned rabbits
  4. working in a private kitchen/private dinner parties with the chefs',
  5. Secretary/PA,
  6. Executive Assistant,
  7. Computer Operator - those were the days.. anyone remember BOFH?,
  8. Customer Services Manager,
  9. Educationalist - e-Learning Advisor,
  10. Project Team/Manager,
  11. Science Ambassador,
  12. Parish Councillor
So I have quite a few skills to draw on, and hopefully something interesting will turn up in the next few months... watch this space.

The Bad News is that due to a lack of a laptop/pc, you will be dependant on only possibly receiving the saturday satire posts for the next week or so, but they are crackers.. and I hope you will enjoy them.

I will also put on some details of where and what I am planning to do.. just so that you have an idea, otherwise will catch up with you on my return.

Be lucky, be happy.

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Janet said...

Enjoy your holiday!!! I will use it to catch up with you. Before I go on mine.
My mother gave blood every six weeks. She was a member of some ridiculous number of gallons club. Of course, she had to stop when she developed breast cancer and had chemotherapy. I think that part annoyed her more than the disease.