25 June 2009

List of things

I still need to accomplish quite a lot before I am ready to put the house on the market. I am looking forward to the day when I can hand over the keys and receive a large wad of money in return... lol if only for a short period of time.

I have decluttered, (house, not garden or sheds) it is time to decorate... ho hum... expect lots of cream/magnolia highlights on my skin and in my hair...lol

Living room, hallway, kitchen, dining room.. all need a lick of paint and the pictures taking down and packed away and as it is being sold I don't intend to put many of them up again as I want to leave a clean canvas for prospective buyers. So am busy collecting packing materials from work.

Upstairs, Study, bathroom and front bedroom all need a lick of paint. I have taken the shelves down off of one wall in the study and still have to do the same to the other wall but need to pack away the contents into containers for storage keeping only the things out I need for my remaining time in the house.

I have formally put my request in for early-retirement or early release (how many words can describe voluntary redundancy) from the University. This was made easier on my return from my holiday with certain members of staff behaving the same as when I had left two weeks earlier despite me saying it was a major problem/factor in my unhappiness.

I won't know the outcome until early August, but the University has to make cutbacks to make the books balance and I feel that I have a good a chance as anybody else and hopefully better in some ways but I can't talk about those on this blog until I have all the information checked over by an external person.

All is well in Sage's garden, all the plans are progressing well and all too soon you should hear about a possible transplantation to warmer climes.


Joanne said...

Warmer yes --- but don't forget about Cornish rain LOL - once it starts it doesn't stop!

Nicey said...

Hey sounds like things are moving on for you good luck !