22 June 2009

Dolphin House B&B

Down in Portreath, I stayed with Emma and Dickon at their lovely B&B called Dolphin House about 2 mins walk from the Harbour about 1 min from the Portreath Arms, about 3 mins to the Waterman and about 5 mins from The Bassett Arms. While the rooms aren't en-suite, none of the rooms are far from the bathroom and you feel like you are staying with a family friend rather than an impartial B&B; Room 3 is the best one, overlooking the front of the property.

Needless to say, I tried all three pubs, but found that the Waterman was the most friendliest one of the three and though none of them had Tribute on tap I managed second best with Directors which was a long time favourite of mine and my Dads.

I also had a happy evening in the Countryman pub in Piece, where I had fun at the quiz evening while devouring a large gammon steak and a pint before switching to drinking coke; one of the disadvantages of not going to the local pub but a good night out and our team came equal 4th with the aid of some answer swapping with two very nice ladies on the next table, the other team had a stack of reference books on their table and my competitive streak was such that I couldn't let them beat us.

While the weather wasn't always at it's hottest, it wasn't cold either and Portreath is a friendly little cornish village, not swallowed up by the likes of commercialism such as that found in Newquay and yet you are not that far away either.

If you are in the area, looking for somewhere to stay, I can recommend Emma's wonderful cooked breakfast, and she is right about the sausages... so much better than the commercialised versions found in most supermarkets.

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Nicey said...

Sounds fun hun, no Doom on tap then ??