02 June 2009

One of the reasons

I haven't posted much the last couple of days, mainly due to me being busy, but also giving me time to mull over the inadequacies of the HR department at the place where I work.

I was 'invited' to attend a meeting to discuss my recent sick-leave, which goes back to the 23rd Feb when SOH left. I was told at the time that any sick leave related to that would not affect any triggers that HR had in place, and apart from some asthma issues in late March, a migraine in early May and a virus later on in May I have been there more than I had been off.

I did have a meeting with the doctor, in Feb, and I was offered time off then, but wise ole me decided that work was a better distraction than the four walls at home so said no I wouldn't.

Needless to say the meeting went badly, I was so angry with them and said they were unsupportive not only of this issue but of a previous one and that I felt it was harassment and causing me more stress not less; which doesn't bode well for my asthma as that is worse when I am stressed.

I came out of that meeting, just wanting to turn around and say go to hell, especially when they set a target of no more than 3 days sick in the next six months. My answer 'I don't expect to book sick leave in advance, and I don't plan on any time off sick' but the reality was by the end of the meeting I was no longer engaged in it and just wanted out of the meeting, out of the job and out of here.

Common sense is prevailing just, however the house tidying is going well, the excess furniture went yesterday, and it will be a case of tidying/decorating and then valuating and hopefully selling very soon as I don't want to be here any longer than I have to.

I think I have grown out of this job, this location and the sooner I can leave and hand my notice in the better.


Kathy G said...

It's miserable when your employer won't support you. The best thing you can do is go to work every day until YOU decide it's time to leave.

(When faced with a similar situation, I got through it by telling myself each day I was a short-timer, and imagining my boss's reaction when I gave my notice.)

Joanne said...

Hi again
I agree with Kathy G. When your employer starts laying down the law like like you just feel trapped and worse than before.

Firstly I am not sure what they have done is legal. Telling you that you havecan only have 3 days off sick in 6 months is not right - please, please,please speak to the CA bureau.

Secondly, when I was in a job I hated and knew there was light at the end of the tunnel, I ensured I went in every day without fail. I was very overly nice to the people who riled me the most, and if it got too much, i chose a song as my mantra - in this instance it was Craig David - "I'm walking away, from the troubles in my life" I thought this very apt at the time!and usually sang it aloud in the office!

and finally - don't forget - you have friends - they are a wonderful comfort and support in times of strife.

Cornwall is calling - keep smiling x

Dark Side said...

It infuriates me this sickness absence policy, mainly because the regular culprits still get away with it while people like you and me get stick for it.

That said I have to say my boss and out occy health where marvelous with me they couldn't have supported me more.

But the finance company I worked for previously where supposed to supply me with a counsellor for my depression and because I was already paying for one they wouldn't contribute.

I saw it as I was making a positive step in the right direction and they informed me they wouldn't recommend counselling until I had been off eight weeks or more.

Imagine how that would have prelonged my illess in the long run.

Good luck with decorating and tidying at least it might take your mind of these things..xx

A. said...

So sorry to hear that you have such uncaring and unsympathetic employers. It sounds as though you will be well out of it.

Hogday said...

I once got a computer generated letter, signed by someone from my constabulary HQ. It congratulated me for going for more than 12 months without reporting sick, inferring that this was devotion to duty. What utter bollocks. I was lucky.