26 June 2009

All the excitement of yesterday

At some point yesterday morning, we sat listening to the sirens going off and realised that this wasn't just another dutiful fire-drill or unexpected fire-alarm going off.. but something a little more sinister.

Having a University attached to a fairly good sized airfield and even larger technology park, means that all sorts of occurences are likely to happen and yesterday's incident was of a small plane with 11 Souls on Board who couldn't confirm their landing gear was down so they were diverted to our airfield.. normally used for University business or flight training.

Even though we are not like London Heathrow/Stanstead or even Luton we have a fire-crew based on the airfield and these were supplemented yesterday with crews from surrounding areas as well as the ambulance services sending teams out as well. Luckily for the plane all was well, it landed and without incident but it was the hot topic of conversation and needless to say didn't even get a mention in the local news last night as seemingly the Back of Beyond is outside of most reporting areas.

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Joanne said...

WOW what excitement eh! - but very glad to hear that all was well and that nobody ws hurt.