29 June 2009

Sometimes you never know

An off the cuff chance remark on the telephone on Saturday afternoon, to someone collecting some of my junk office furniture led to them viewing the house on Sunday evening. What I actually said was them having the chairs would save me having to take them when I moved, and would they like to buy the house..

It turned out they are actually looking to buy somewhere and so the rest of the weekned working like a demon trying to get it half way presentable. Needless to say, after hoovering up, putting things in neater piles, mowing the grass I was exhausted by the time they arrived.

Do I think they will be serious and put an offer in, no, they wont be able to get out of their tenancy agreement until the end of the year and I want out of here before then.. also it will be their first purchase and I am not sure they will get the financing they need.. having said that I am not writing them off either... you never know what the world sometimes turns on..


Joanne said...

Fingers crossed x

A. said...

As Joanne says, fingers crossed. You really never do know, because the most unexpected happened to us once. We viewed a house, thought it was probably just what we were looking for, but our house wasn't yet on the market. We went away for a few days - and when we came back the people whose house we had viewed were offering us a house swap. And just a few months later it went through.