18 June 2009

Like Arnie....

I'm back...

How can a great holiday, leave you so shattered at the end of it.

I managed to do some walking, the Portreath Tram trail is good, but not when it is chucking it down with rain :-)

I managed to find the Methodist Church in Falmouth, and gave blood.. now at 48 and only two more to go before I get a gold badge - that is just so sad lol

I had a day trip to Falmouth (on a day when the sun shone) and had a nice ice-cream out on Pendennis point (actually went there on two separate days and had an ice-cream on both occasions) the sun shone and the boats were sailing out in the bay it was lovely. Managed to get the obligatory trip in to Trago Mills as well.

Had a chat to a nice mortgage person in Truro about selling and buying down in Cornwall, I have 6 months in which to buy to keep the same mortgage and the only stipulation is that I must have a permanent job at the time of application. I am hoping this won't be too difficult to arrange, but as yet none of my applications has made it to the short-list stage but I am not deterred. Even Tesco's will need check-out staff :-)

Have even managed to find two or three properties that I like, and the possibility that I can rent the one I might be able to buy is even better. It is a two bedroom bungalow, with lots of ground out the front and a small secluded back patio which seems to get the sun most of the day. At the moment it is being cleaned and decorated ready for sale, but the owners have been asked to let me know as soon as they know how much they are selling for.

Had a chat to the team at Cornwall College in Camborne and submitted an application form for a part-time Teaching course starting in September; though if need be I can defer it to next September if I can't make it to Cornwall by this year.

I even managed a walk on the beach at Portreath, but not a swim - yet.

Had a grand day out at Murdoch day in Redruth, it's a big thing and the main street was full of traders and fair attractions.. had a great chicken pasty from Rowe's the bakers, you couldn't taste anything nicer at all.

I finally got home after 7 hours driving yesterday, the roads were chugging awful and I didn't actually want to go back to the house.. but sadly my numbers didn't come up in the euromillions last week otherwise I don't think I would have come back at all.

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sally-ann said...

Sounds like you had a good holiday. So sorry we weren't around while you were here but hopefully next time. Good luck with the house sale and job hunting x