09 March 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy

Sorry, my bad, I have been so busy at work recently that this blog has taken a back seat.

It is nice for me, as I am interested in what I am doing, so the days whizz by and then weekends are catch up time for me and the boys.. we try to cram a lot of stuff in to do as we have limited time during the week.

I brought a gps to try the sport of geocaching, it only cost me £10.00 and we have been having fun trying to pick up caches that are sometimes quite public...

I got the boys a couple of new toys, mainly for the beach, some kong toys on a rope so that I can throw them (and I am useless with just a tennis ball).. The long versions are quite heavy and not really pocket friendly, but the squeaker balls are a hit with the boys... my first practice saw me throw it over the fence into a neighbours garden; like a naughtly child, I had to face up and ask for my ball back with promises not to do it again.. luckily he has a sense of humour and with only a threat of making me stand in the corner if it happened again I was given the ball and rope back.

I had my annual observation at work, and was graded 2, never been lower than this in my teaching, 3&4 are considered to be in need of remedial work and 1 is for the hallowed ground of outstanding... me I try to do the best for my students, and haven't quite managed that elusive 1 (yet!). I definitely haven't given up trying though.

My line manager has been off after a knee op, and covering some of his work, as well as my own has been an interesting insight into how the department runs; not sure I want to be part of management again; been there, done that, and was glad to be an indian again.. but some of the things I have been asked to do have been good and interesting but I will still be glad to see C back.

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