22 February 2013

Brrr from Cornwall

We shouldn't complain, but we do.. we brits love the weather it is a great talking point and even the papers enter in to the spirit of the very britishness of discussing the weather we are experiencing...

Yes some peopl will say, it's winter, it's snow ... get over it.. but currently with the siberian blast over us (including us on the far west of the country, no where is warm... even the cat disdains the outside preferring to stay inside in the warm and dry.

I have to say in the past few days I have noticed more wheezing from my chest than is usual, but then one of my asthma triggers is the cold and being up early and taking the dogs out before work I then have to stand and wait for a bus but I recognise it isn't going to last and soon spring will start to weaver her magic.

I looked back at the history reels of the winter of 1963, and we have nothing like that for which I am grateful... yards of snow, and I mean yards not feet.... from boxing day until late March... unbelievable and I don't know how they managed back then but they did.


Kathy G said...

Talking about the weather doesn't just happen on your side of the Atlantic. Earlier in the week my area had a fairly major winter storm, which gave us about five inches of snow and sleet.

The local TV stations interrupted regular programming so they could provide "updates"-things like a reporter standing outside in the storm talking about how much snow we were getting!

Sage said...

Having seen your weather in the US recently, and the pictures that have been published.. our fascination with the weather is extreme compared to the weather we actually experience.. here one snowflake constitutes a blizzard whereas a blizzard is a world ending disaster.. I don't think many brits would be able to cope with the sort of weather seen in the US recently, nor would they recognise that our weather is in fact much milder... It does make me laugh at times but as the month rolls on, spring must emerge soon xx