15 November 2012

I Wish...

that people would be kinder to others

that politicians would work together and unite in getting this country back on its feet

that the services, army, navy and raf would be respected not reviled

that fireworks would be only licenced for the few days around November 5th

that drivers would be more careful around other road users, particularly motorcycles

that the homeless would be able to get shelter

that the emergency services would be treated with respect, forget the prank calls it could be someone's life

that the elderly be given the care and help they need, so they don't go cold and hungry

that for one day a year we respect the fallen of previous conflicts and the sacrifice they made so that we might be able to speak freely
what would you add?

1 comment:

dickiebo said...

No harm in dreamin', I suppose! I do it all the time! lol