20 January 2011

Wall to Wall Blues Skies and Sunshine

Here at Tre Agan today, I was treated to blues skies and sunshine from early morning to evening time and it was not only welcome but a good chance to air the house as well.

Murphy and I took a nice long walk this morning, the frost lay on the ground but the sun had some real warmth to it and we enjoyed our amble through the lanes of Redruth and some of the parks as well. We set off down the hill to Victoria Park, with it's original Victorian bandstand and did a circuit of this park including the bowling green with its velvet surface. Then onwards to Trefusis Park, Murphy can have a run here if there isn't any other dogs around, he still has issues over coming back when there is a dog to play with other than that he is happy to run around by himself rushing from smell to smell. Our final port of call is the football field, where he normally plays ball (when I remember to bring it) this morning it was occupied by a little terrier so Murphy had to content himself with a sedate walk around the edge.

On our return, we both had breakfast. It can be a little disconcerting when a large black lab sits in front of you, drooling like only a lab can, as you eat your cereals, hoping that he might be lucky and get some for himself. Shhh don't tell anyone but he does get a few as a treat now and again.

Cleaning the house was done steadily, the hoovering of numerous black hairs from a light beige carpet make it look cleaner and tidier and a spray of glass cleaner on the dining room windows made the sunshine even brighter.. it was even nice enough to sit outside during the mornng with a cup of coffee.

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Jo Anne said...

Sounds like you are slipping nicely into the 'dreckly' Cornish lifestyle LOL x