31 January 2011

Another week.. another beautiful but cold day

Monday again... luckily for me only a few hours at work as I am changing my days to fit in with SOH work arrangements and this week I am going to be busy Thursday/Friday so am having Monday/Tuesday off but I needed to collect the files required for my visits this week.

Then back home, via the library in Redruth. I have been here over a year and never visited the library.. my how they have changed, now the staff are there to answer questions while machines deal with book returns and booking out. Technology is fast becoming the normal mode of life, while some of the people I have contact with struggle on a day to day basis in dealing with it. The next generation will think nothing of it, as it will be normal to them, but some of our senior citizens who have lived through the years of rationing think it is confusing and mainly not for them.

This afternoon, I have cooked a ham ready for sandwiches and will be lovely as ham, egg and chips one night. Then I did a couple of hours work on my literature review having finally decided to cover the use of blogs as reflective journals in education. Keep your fingers crossed that this is accepted as my project.

College tonight, but at least I won't be quite as tired as I am normally.

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