30 January 2011

Rugby - Cornish Pirates vs Worcester Warriors

SOH and I were given a pair of tickets to this match, not only that but it was shown on Sky TV and as the couple in front of us were told by a friend that they were seen on TV it is likely that we two also were there... oh for that fleeting second of fame.. still we have it recorded and you never know we might even spot ourselves.

The match was a close one, Worcester opened the scoring with a try but pirates leading by a large margin at half-time it was always going to be an interesting second half. Sure enough when the two teams returned it was with a vengeance, and the final score was 30 to Pirates but 33 to Worcester. In the Pirates defense, they missed two penalty chances so missing out on six points but they definitely didn't disgrace themselves either.

The only note of discontent was for the weather, despite the sunshine it was bitterly cold and we were glad of a warm drink at halftime. Back home now, we are watching the LV cup match between Wasps and Harlequins though the commentary is still coming from the Mennaye.


dickiebo said...

Snap! I'm watching Wasps v Quins as well. Only saw a bit of the Cornish Pirates game and din't spot you!!! Aya. Wasps just got a disallowed try!

Sage said...

We were in the Jewson stand on the right hand side of the pitch, me wearing my skull and crossbones woolly hat in the third row.. will have to try and capture a photograph for posterity.. good match but wasps are outplayed by harlequins on this occasion.