19 January 2011


A good session at Penzance today, with lots of laughs and hilarity in the group as they attempted the practice tests prior to doing ECDL tests for real. For many of them it is the first time they have tried these tests and it limits each test to just 15 mins before timing out so lots of angst and laughter as they tried and failed.

I then got them to work in groups to try and do the tests again, each time providing them with background information and help to understand the question/subject etc. It never ceases to amaze me that when given a test to do as a group they resort to laughter at the first opportunity but they made me laugh when 5 mins into the test they were asking for a tea-break!

Next week's lesson, when I write it, will be on file management.

The drive home, with the light sky, was a real pleasure as was the very round, very large and beautiful moon.. who could ask for anything better in life?

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