12 January 2011

Murphy at 18 Months old

He loved Christmas, very chilled out dog... we gave him a large bone and even when the neighbours children came round he was more interested in them than in his bone... such a good boy!

This is him, snoozing on the sofa...as I said a very chilled out dog but one who likes his comforts

This is the boy dog when we had the first snow at the beginning of December.. I have never had a dog who didn't like snow and he is not the exception.. he loves running around in it and will chase snowballs until he can do no more...

Here he was told to sit and wait for a photo opportunity..

And of course posing as a Reindeer.. actually he loves the headpiece as it has bells on it... but he tries to get it off to make the bells tinkle...but with practice we did managed to get him to sit all of about 30 seconds unfortunately never long enough to get a better photo.

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Kath said...

Oh isn't he adorable! Thankyou for showing him to us, he really is a gorgeous dog.