10 January 2011

It's Done

I finally submitted the assignment for the first quarter of the course along with my fellow students this evening we gave a huge sigh of relief.

None of us are quite sure how we have done, and even if we have managed to interpret the requirements correctly as it all seemed to be a bit of a muddle about what was expected and by when. It didn't help when we had all the bad weather at the beginning of December as that made everything on the timetable go out by a week.

I will admit to not putting as much time on the assignments as I could have done over the Christmas period and I am pledging right here, right now, that I won't do the same thing for this assignment.

I think it will help that I am going to be exploring an issue involving e-learning which is my background prior to my current job I was employed as an e-learning officer providing both technical support and knowledge to lecturers.


Eliza said...

Hope it all goes well. What course are you doing?

Annette said...

yes I hope it goes well to and I'm no sure what course you are doing.