14 January 2011

Its Hard to Believe

Here we are, nearly half way through January and it was mild enough today to go out and about in just a waistcoat/gilet rather than a full coat with scarf and gloves. Weird weather, but nice after the cold before Christmas and then the wet last week.

I am lucky to have so much driving in my job, it gives me a good opportunity to listen to the radio (pop master quiz, pirate fm etc) but also my collection of audio books... I have just finished listening to the Millenium trilogy (Girl with the dragon tattoo) and thoroughly enjoyed them.. what next, well I am going to listen to something I regularly go back to... A Christmas Carol... I love this book, I enjoy the films though I haven't see the latest Jim Carrey version. It never ceases to surprise me at the ending when Scrooge has a change of heart about Christmas and all that it really means.. family and friends and not the financial mayhem we usually experience.

Dickens had it right I think..

1 comment:

Annette said...

A christmas carol?
I love that film.
The muppet christams carol that is 1992!!! With MIchael cane, the best scrooge ever.
Its the best ever, it was always on before christmas and I watched it every time.
Absolutley loved it!!!