18 January 2011

Longer days

Today it was sunny, though not warm except inside. Having said that, I managed to get the bulk of the washing done and dried outside which is good for the middle of January. Most of all, it didn't get dark until gone 5pm... the days are stretching out again and I am looking forward to Spring and all that it brings.

College has started again, with the first real session last night. We were talking about educational theorists and how it fits into the bigger picture.. interesting but by 8pm my mind was beginning to sieze up and even today I am not sure I know what I was writing down when I read my notes from last night.

One interesting point will be the independent study, I am inclined to do something involving e-learning but what that will be I am not sure; watch this space


Kathy G said...

I've noticed the days getting longer, too. So very exciting!

Kath said...

yes, we are definately closing our curtains against the dark, later and later.