24 January 2011

Thoughts are turning to Summer

My thoughts are turning to the year ahead, well it is nearly the end of January after all!

I would like to get some time in the garden, to make it visually more attractive, and to perhaps train Murphy to do his toilet in one spot (when I work out where that will be); he is very good bless him and has been from day 1. If you let him out into the garden before bedtime with the words hurry up he goes straight out and has a pee... mind you he is rewarded with a biscuit (or 3) when we go to bed.

SOH went out with his mates the other evening, Murphy and I couldn't settle all evening. I was cold, after the football and had a nice bath, TV was crap, tried watching something I had recorded earlier but eventually we settled down for a night's sleep. I was startled awake by a big booming bark, from the bottom of the bed, as SOH returned home and put the keys in the front door. I always wondered how protective of us he might be, but big scaredy cat that he is I am not sure as a burglar I would want to face the animal behind the noise.

Murphy is protective of me when we walk out in the dark mornings, but even these are getting lighter a bit earlier and we meet some of the regulars. Ruby the boxer being one, they wanted to play but time was short this morning and I didn't have the time to let him off the lead so we had a trot round the parks. When I have charged the camera up, I will do a picture diary of our morning walk.

Back to the garden, I want to try my hand at potato growing in a bag, and possibly some carrots as well but I hope to get an allotment patch soon so that more veggies can be grown and the garden just for pleasure. I guess more of Dad rubbed off on me than I thought.

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