06 October 2008

Sunday Meeting

We had the first of our Winter meets at Towcester yesterday, a gathering of like minded souls of the BMW club who meet for soup and a roll and slices of home made cake from the kitchen of the Goddess Janet who turns out moist sponges you can only dream of making.

Due to the poor weather, we didn't have a great turnout but enough of us to raise neary £40 for the Air Ambulance with a raffle. SOH and I won a pen and a CD containing the vintage bike journals that one member put together which will be useful as we both like to look through the old journals.

One prize in particular seemed to be most unpopular, being ignored until the end when it was won by our neighbours at lunch; but they kindly gave it to us as an engagement present when they heard our news.

Haven't had many unusual presents like that, but I am sure we will find a way of preserving it for posterity.

Update :

What was it?

A tin of Meatballs in Gravy



Elaine said...

Oh go on, do tell!

Rae!xx said...

Are you going to tell us what it is?..lol....well done on raising money too...xx

A. said...

I've been away too long and missed your news! I've had to go scouring back to see, so, many congratulations!!

It certainly was one unusual engagement present. That sort of thing generally does the rounds of the tombola stalls and prizes for years until it passes its sell-by date - or beyond.

The W.O.W. factor said...

I wonder why no one was anxious to have that prize...heck, it would mean not having to cook at least one meal themselves...I'd have taken it! ;)
So, preserve it and have it on your 1st Anniversary! Treat yourselves then to someone elses cooking!

Janet said...

You know, I would fancy a tin of meatballs. Wonder why no one wanted it?