20 October 2008

Another week... another dollar

A good weekend, sadly not a great weekend for various reasons. Mostly feeling under the weather on Saturday and then not really feeling up to very much yesterday. So sat and watched the rugby on Saturday evening. We did plan on watching the NFL games last night but Sky tv was playing up and the Buffalo vs Chargers game was hit by what seemed to be a power outage so we resorted to channel hopping before Frost came on.

I like David Jason as an actor, but especially Frost as he portrays a tired police inspector trying to cope with all the red tape and therefore this first monday motto is for Frost.


Janet said...

I had that very saying on a sign in my office for years.

Rae!xx said...

Sorry you had a none weekend and didn't feel very well, hope you are raring to go again real soon...take care..xx

Relax Max said...

Frost? Rugby? I'm trying to learn the latter without much success. I did watch the Buffalo game for a few minutes. Surprised you follow NFL. Good for you. But I'm about to give up on learning rugby. :) Hi Sage. Tell me about this Frost thing sometime. Sorry you were under the weather Saturday.

Nicey said...

There is loads of 'stuff' around at the moment, hope that your back on your feet and alive