23 October 2008

A bittersweet day

I can't believe 12 months have passed so quickly, since Sam had to be put to sleep. He had stayed with me longer than I had thought he might, his sister Teg lost her battle for life nearly two years previously and he then became an only dog. Holly and Toby had to be put to sleep in 2001. And then I became a no-dog household.

Always there for me when I got home, happy just to see me and give me a hug and a warm welcome; never bothered about what I needed, they would bounce around and urge me to drop everything and take them for a walk and we would head out up the road as soon as I had got my shoes on.

Even at the end, Sam always insisted on his walks; though they got shorter of course as his eyes were going but we meandered down the lane and back again so he could meet his doggie friends and have a good sniff.

God bless you all.


The W.O.W. factor said...

Oh Sage, I know the heart ache with having a family "member" gone. We still have our 13yr old Border Collie and feel this will be his last winter with us..especially if it's a harsh one. We lost his Mom last year and his Grandmom the year before...it is still hard when we see pictures or recall certain "events".
We kept our 2 Yorkies who are 8, because of the unconditional love and joy they give us from dawn til dusk! I can't imagine not having them to warm my heart!
~Have a Huge Hug from me~

Elaine said...

Oh sage, {{{hugs}}}

I think it does help ease the pain if you get another dog; it is not a replacement, but a new one (if you see what I mean.

Janet said...

What a sweet puppy. I'm so sorry. We are looking at this happening soon. While I lived alone I had to put down numerous animals for a variety of reasons - the vet's wife got to know my voice on the phone. I think I probably singlehandedly financed at least one child's college education (I had a job then). I still miss my babies, no matter how many others I still have (8 total, plus 2 human children - we're busy).
But the survivors are all pretty old now, and starting to show their age. The kids are in for a rough time of it once their pets start dying.