22 October 2008

Autumnal Mutterings

Here I am surrounded by technology, looking out of my window to blue skies and sunshine, wishing I was not at work but able to enjoy the Autumnal morning.

It is cold, but bright, sunny but chilly and yet I love this time of year. The crispness of the air hints at frosts still to arrive and means coats have to be worn when outside for any length of time, yet the sunshine engenders a warmth to the soul that grey skies and rain never do (even for the hardened gardeners).

Autumn brings the colours on the trees to life, like butterflies they are short-lived and fall like broken wings to the floor to catch the unwary walker.

It is a the seasons for hearty stews, of buttered potatoes and sweet vegetables; for mulled wine and hot puddings to warm the inner soul.

So far we have resisted the lure of putting on the heating at home, but it is drawing ever closer. The evening temperatures fall dramatically and by 8pm last night it was 3 degrees outside; the temperature, not the singers.

This weekend the clocks will be wound back, and the days will appear a lot shorter, due to getting home in the dark and by the middle of winter it will be dark in the mornings. Do we really need to keep messing around with the clocks these days, are there any tangible benefits in doing so? I don't know, when children used to walk to school, maybe, but so many of them don't these days though perhaps the increases in the cost of living might make a difference this winter.


Nicey said...

Yeah Nicey says leave the clocks alone !!!

Janet said...

I do a rant about changing times every time it happens. They changed the time when we change the times this year, just to make it so much more fun. I think this year's post will just be a reference to my previous rants.
We have avoided turning on the heat primarily out of cheapness, and have used the wood stove to take the chill off the house at night. But the Mountain Man is at a conference overnight and I'm too chicken to build a fire by myself. Between the damper and air intake and catalytic converter I'm liable to do nothing more than smoke up the house.

Rae!xx said...

What a lovely post again, I agree on the clocks too its time they just stayed the same.

It will be bedlam trying to get home from work on Monday night because for some reason a lot of motorists don't drive in the datk and as soon the darkness sets in they panic....xx

Train Wreck said...

Yum! Buttered potatoes! Can I come for dinner! You are making me hungry! Awesome post It's almost like I am there!

The W.O.W. factor said...

What beautiful words, Sage! but 3 (three??) degrees??? I thought 13 was cold for this time!
I never have figured out the benefits of the clock changes either...not in this day and age..
Thank you Sage, from the bottom of my heart...for all of your thoughts! Wish you all could fly over too!!
It would just lighten my heart to meet you!

Sage said...

3 degrees - of course I referred to degrees celcius and not fahrenheit - my apologies. Will have to remember in future to put the F figure in for others (in this case around 37.5 oF). Bizarrely I cook in Fahrenheit degrees and weigh in ounces and pounds.. nowt so queer as folk..lol