13 October 2008

The tickets have arrived

SOH's birthday present this year was tickets to the NFL game on 26th October 2008 at Wembley, between San Diego Chargers and New Orleans Saints. The tickets arrived by special delivery on Saturday morning, courtesy of our friendly postman.

Unlike many other sports, this ticketing purchase is done by a lottery, you enter the lottery to get a chance to buy tickets early before they get sold out. Now last year I entered, but no luck at all. This year I got the first draft of tickets so we will be heading to Wembley to watch the game; keep your fingers crossed that the weather stays kind to us as it is an evening game.

Not too worried about being with either group of supporters, quite happy to cheer on both sides but I will admit to a warmth for New Orleans.


Nicey said...

So you like rugby and Americain Football - How does that work ???

Sage said...

American football play stops when the ball hits the ground.. Rugby is more progressive and in some ways less rough as the goal is not to stop the player only to stop the play.

I just think that American football is based on the game of rugby but some of the rules got misinterpreted.

Janet said...

I'm obliged to cheer for the Saints as the Mountain Man's former roommate is a Louisiana native and a rabid ran of all teams Louisiana. But I had no idea that American football ever traveled to Wembley stadium to play. Enjoy!

Kathy said...

The San Diego Chargers are in our division of the NFL so I'll have to be cheering for them to win. I hope you enjoy the game, I love to watch football, well the American type of football.

Kathy G said...

Rugby players use much less padding (NONE) than football players do!

Rugby is more about ball possession; football is more about gaining territory on the field.