29 October 2008

It's official

Winter arrived yesterday evening and overnight with a vengeance... the temperature dropped sharply and the rain turned to snow and the winds turned bitterly cold; we retreated to in front of the fire and watched the evening television with a bowl of soup for our supper.

SOH and I went to the Red Lion Inn, run by our friends Bob and Pauline, for lunch and we both had a massive steak with mushrooms so didn't really want anything heavy for an evening meal.

This morning, the rain clouds of yesterday had turned to a startling blue colour with wisps of cloud occasionally making the sky even bluer. This is the view from my desk and you can still see how much snow is around and that was taken only about 30 mins ago.

Apparently it is the first time that snow has fallen in this country, so far south, since 1934.. does this forebode worse weather to come this winter? I hope not.

ps - the tests proved fairly conclusively that the wheezing is down to Asthma and not the dreaded COPD which is good news, in addition they got me with the flu jab while I was there and I now will have regular check ups on lung functions though at the moment they don't want to start me on the steroid sprays so I can continue with the relievers.. Thanks for all your good wishes.


Janet said...

That's good. Asthma is indeed manageable. I've lived with it for 25 years and have never had to go to the ER, unlike a friend of mine who is too lax about it. She'd be fine if she'd just use her inhaler.

You're the third person who has mentioned an abnormally early snow. I'm not encouraged. But it's very pretty!

Rae!xx said...

It all look very pretty there Sage it's missed us for now thankfully.

Good news on the Asthma and hope you can just stay on the inhaler.

Watch for the dreaded cold though after your flu jab..xx

The W.O.W. factor said...

Cool! (just keep in your parts, Sage) but first time since 1934?? WOW! I hope it is not a sign...
Glad your tests came out as they did. More manageable than COPD, which my brother has and he's miserable about the limitations set on him.

Nicey said...

Good news on the health front, and yeah its bloody freezing BBbbrbrrr

gemmak said...

I was so hoping we would get some snow but it passed us by :o( At least I got to see yours :O)