06 May 2012


I was not surprised to see Usain Bolt being accused of letting his 'side' down by dating a non-black woman in yesterday's papers. Inter-race relationships are frowned upon in nearly every country whether you are black, white, asian, arab, muslim, hindu, sikh or jew (apologies if I have left anyone out) ... the need to 'keep' the lines true come through clearly in some of the quotes in the Bolt article.

But why, surely it is the personality not the colour that is important to the people involved that's who they fall in love with not a checklist of will my friends approve, frankly if your friends don't approve then perhaps they are not really your friends at all!

Tolerance is needed, not intolerance. To fall in love is good, and to find the man/woman of your dreams sublime no matter what race, religion or colour; if you can accept it then so should others not judge you.

Usain, good luck for the olympics


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Gerry Hatrić said...

I find your tolerant view intolerant of other people's right to be intolerant.