14 November 2011


The postcards that we sent from Tunisia arrived last Thursday, exactly three weeks after we sent them!

I wouldn't like to even think how they managed to get back at all, though glad they did although I remember thinking that it would have been quicker to bring them back and post them over here lol.

Originally when the British post office opened, you could post something in the morning and for it to be received in the afternoon and still leave you time for a reply the same day. With all our technology and machinery, we now do less with more than our ancestors.


Kathy G said...

A friend who's a travel agent says the secret to post cards is to put them in a first class envelope and mail them that way. Evidently there's something about a post card that confuses the mechanical letter sorters.

Annette said...

Funny enough, I was told that some years ago, and it works!!!!

Relax Max said...

I think you are brave for just being in tunisia to mail things in the first place. :) I probably have it all wrong.