09 April 2009


I have been busy since my return of decluttering, old pieces of furniture that I inherited from my parents that I have never liked are about to bite the dust and be offered to some willing (victim) recipient on freecycle or face the sledgehammer. They take up space and are not what I need, the contents were just left and a lot of it has gone in the bin.

I managed to get a butchers block from a high street retailer for half-price, so one of the benefits of the recession, and that will replace the wobbly breakfast bar and sideboard in the kitchen. I will be saving up for something else or working on something else to replace the breakfast bar but it may well just be a folding table I have already.

The collection of whisky minatures has gone from the display cabinets in the front room and you can actually now see the other items more clearly. Zeltus is going to be the recipient of at least one of the bottles as it is Pusser's Rum and I have kept a couple of minatures to remind me of Dad - the rest will be put up for sale and used for something else.

The house currently looks like a tip, and probably will do for a while yet, but eventually order will be restored and then it will look half-way decent. The Ratz new cage (an Abode) has been put together but I still need to persuade them they wish to leave their current cage and go to the new one (preferably without getting bitten). The new one is bigger, but also on wheels so they can have a change of scenery without me having to manhandle a large and rather heavy cage around to do it.

Sometimes it is nice to be working to achieve something I really want, and thanks to a holiday in France and time to think about it, I know what I want and am working towards it.. hopefully in the future all will become clearer.


Elaine said...

Love to read this post and to see you moving forward so purposefully and cheerfully.

Keep up the good work!

Do you need gauntlets for handling the ratz?

Asclepius said...

Its a good, healthy thing to have a sort out every now and then and get rid of things that serve no purpose but to take up space. Speaking as a pack-rat myself I really could do with doing the same.

Annette said...

I'm off work for 5 days now for easter and thta is excactly what I'm going to do. Declutter the house.
It makes you feeel good doesn't it?
Mind you, it doesn't take you long to upclutter it again, does it???

Dark Side said...

Mine needs decluttering and decorating but both have to wait for me to fully recover first...the decorating was going to be started this weekend but after occy health visit it is now on hold.

I do get the feeling you are moving forward and for that I am very proud of you...xx