01 March 2010

Tre Agan

Have been looking once more at properties in the surrounding area, in the every optimistic point of view that a house down here is possible when the one at the back of beyond is sold.

There are many nice places, and even some cheap ones, but it seems that the cheap ones are not always nice and the nice ones are usually not cheap :-).

However, there are some bargains to be had, and ones with a lovely viewpoint. So the waiting game goes on.

Work, I can't believe I have been here two months already... have settled in and the rest of the workforce are nice, none of the atmosphere and tensions at the University of the Back of Beyond and I cannot say truthfully I miss being there.

I am looking to do some extra training while I am here, in the hope that when the contract runs out in a few months time I can either find something else just as quick or that the contract will be extended. Either way I don' think I will be leaving the Edge of the World for a while yet.


Jo Anne said...

Great to hear you are being so positive about staying with us in Cornwall x

Fire Byrd said...

Don't talk to me about houses, it's just getting depressing.
Good luck with your search though.

Annette said...

Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do.
I hope it goes well.