22 March 2010

Teaching Time

I had my first session teaching in Redruth last week, I have 6 learners all learning the basics of word processing, Using spreadsheets and other basic IT Skills. I was accompanied by another trainer last week, but this week and for the next 5 weeks I am on my own.

The aim is to get these learners to a point at the end of the course to a level where they go on to do the qualification at the end of the course and hopefully more potential employment opportunities because of it.

I love it, while it isn't what I had been doing, it is the area I enjoy best a mixture of passing on skills and coaching/supporting their efforts. The best thing is that I can use these teaching hours towards my teaching profile.

I haven't heard anything from my application to do the PGCert at Truro College, I still have an interview to face yet and still need more teaching opportunities but hopefully they will be forthcoming soon.

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Kath said...

So glad you enjoyed your first session, I'm sure you will make a great success of teaching.