29 March 2010

Sparking off - an unfortunate series of events

Part of my unofficial duties of where I am staying is to help with the animals, many of whom are surrounded by electric fencing; of a suitable low voltage.

Though when they touch it, the pigs they do squeal loudly - ear splitting in fact, but they only do it when they are about to be fed and are too eager to get to the food first.

Normally with the ponies I turn off the fence before hopping over to give them some hay and some nuts, but not on Friday night. Instead I did Merlin's and then Dillon.

This is where the fun started, or not if you were Dillon, I hoped over the fence and bless him, ever eager for his nuts he lunged forward to meet me and my hand touched his headcollar at which point he wheeled away fast and I was left with a finger throbbing where the electricity had surged through to the metal work on his headcollar.

Poor Dillon, he still hasn't forgiven me yet even though over the weekend well Saturday I was feeding him treats and scratching his rump to try and make it up to him.

Leanne's (Somerset Seasons) box of Dorset goodies arrived on Saturday, and I had a marvellous time going through the contents... can't wait to try the recipe for Dorset Apple Cake - Thank you for this... once I am settled into a more permanent location I will do a similar giveaway with Cornish goodies instead though sadly you might have to miss out on the clotted cream :-)


Alexis said...

This made me laugh! I have been shocked by an electric fence and it is the worst feeling!!

Nice blog!

Asclepius said...

I have a very fond memory from my childhood of my uncle uttering "theres no way thats an electric fence" he then tested this hypothesis. I thought the resulting lauguage was imaginative at the time(I was seven). Even now thinking about it that was some of the finest and articulate swearing I have ever heard.

However my mother and sister believing this to be a display of my uncles theatrical skills decided to test the fence as well. Far from an encouraging lesson in the general intelligence of my family but a fond memory none the less :D