10 March 2010

Nearly 1/3 Gone

I know I have posted comments on how quickly time is passing, or rather my perception of it, but it really does seem to be passing quickly these days; almost too quickly.

I have been in Cornwall, or rather home, since 18th December. Almost 3 months has passed and a little less than 5 months remain on my work contract, having said that I had a meeting with my line manager yesterday who gave me a positive recommendation and subject to funding would like to hang on to me.

I am pleased in one way as it is regular employment and the travel is just about the right distance. It takes me a little over 25 mins to get to work, and the journey is taken with listening to Pirate FM on the way in since Chris Evans took over the breakfast show I find I cannot listen to it any longer. I enjoyed last week when Richard Allinson was on, it was pleasantly relaxing and made the start of the day enjoyable for a change; I wish, like many other listeners that Radio 2 would ask him to do it full time rather than the manic Evans.

I also have an interview coming up next month for Kernowflex, as bank staff for Admin type jobs, which might be useful to be involved with. Basically you get considered for any short-term vacancies/holiday cover and from what I have heard they have more work than people to cover.


dickiebo said...

Totally agree about Radio 2! It just is not the same, I'm afraid, and Chris What's-his-name is simply too loud for the mornings.
Richard Allinson was 'B's first choice for the job!!

Eliza said...

I listen to radio4 to and from work, very middle aged of me I know :-) Thanks for your comment on my blog, I'll be back soon