30 March 2010

Remiss of me

Hadriana has given me two awards, the Sunshine Award and the Circle of Friendship award.. thank you

It is always nice to be appreciated, and I would like to pass these two awards on to you all, a little hard to name all and everyone so I am going to be cheeky and ask you to take it if you want it. All the linked blogs and the blogs I follow I treasure and it is too difficult to pick just some names out.

PS. Happy Birthday to me, to celebrate with the people that I love is more important than anything else I have at the moment :-) To everyone else, thank you for your kind wishes, and your continued visits.


dickiebo said...

Got your Bus Pass now then? He, he, he!
Happy Birthday, m'deario!

Jo Anne said...

Many Happy Returns of the Day x

Asclepius said...

Happy Birthday! any plans? I was very adult with mine. I barely got drunk at all :P.

I have no idea how old you are but the following still applies. I was told "you're twenty-four, you can now do everything a twenty-one year old can with three years more experience."

sally-ann said...

Happy Birthday! Hope we can meet up some time soon x

Annette said...

Yes, happy birthday, don't get too drunk!