01 April 2010

April Fool

Going over to the training session this morning I was listening to Pirate FM and they were talking about the pedestrian areas of both Truro (Lemon Quay) and Plymouth being managed by all pedestrians walking only one way.

Now this was obviously an April Fool, but it was surprising the number of even dafter suggestions and criticisms including a roundabout for being able to cross the area and line of traffic to get access to the shops. I was laughing my head off as I drove through Redruth, so if you saw me you will have to excuse me.

The subject hit such a nail on the head as I used to get annoyed with people in Milton Keynes shopping centre who would suddenly stop or turn around, or even worse walk 3 sometimes 4 abreast. It didn't matter who wanted to walk along, they would be forced to give way by the numbers.


Jo Anne said...

And the worrying part.... I fell for it, and it wasn't until I was telling the girls at work that it dawned on me that it was 1st April - DOH! My excuse is the head cold/flu I have that if marring my judgement!

A. said...

They haven't done anything interesting our way. I haven't even noticed anything on television, though I'll admit that doesn't mean much. I used to enjoy the ads (was it BMW?) each year that were near enough to being believable that you had to stop and think.

Millennium Housewife said...

Why do I fall for everything? I've read a lot of posts about April Fools today and they all sound quite plausible.
Want to buy a Reliable Rodent? Aparently they're a new breed of rat that will clean your house. Bought one on ebay today, can't wait.

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