14 April 2010

Makes me Proud

When you hear of so many youngsters these days getting into trouble with knives, drugs etc.. it is a scary place for anyone growing up these days.

Well bucking the trend is a youngster, aged 18, and now the proud recipient of The Military Cross for actions he took during the conflict in Afghanistan.

"Private Alex Kennedy, of 2nd Battalion the Mercian Regiment, saved his injured officer and took charge of colleagues during a battle with the Taliban" see more details here

He had only been in the army for six months and had the maturity to deal with a critical situation calmly and bravely.

Don't know about you, but it makes me proud to know that serving men and women today can be so brave in the field of conflict. Perhaps not all hope is lost for the future generations to come if Alex is an example of today's yoof

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Kath said...

Just saw this story on Channel 5 news. What a lovely unassuming lad, his family must be bursting with pride.